Facial Line Softening Treatments Can Smooth Unwanted Lines and Wrinkles for A Fresher Appearance

When you look in the mirror, do your frown lines or facial wrinkles bother you? Over time the ageing process and repeated facial muscle contraction causes these lines. This can make us look tired, angry or sad. This is even though this may not be how we are feeling. Botox Belfast Treatments

Aesthetic Specialist Practitioner Tanya understands the significant impact that these age-related concerns can have on your self-confidence. Tanya is proud to offer cosmetic treatments for lines and wrinkles of the face.

After a full consultation an assessment and one quick and simple BOTOX treatment, Tanya will help you to restore a more youthful and fresher appearance. Most importantly, whilst maintaining natural results! Tanya considers your safety paramount and will ensure that your aesthetic journey is a positive one.

BOTOX cosmetic is the trade name of the botulinum toxin neuromodulator that is most commonly used today. This treatment is undoubtedly one of the most talked-about cosmetic treatments of the last few decades. Its exponential surge in popularity and visibility makes perfect sense. Considering the how quick and easy this treatment is and the amazing results it produces. Botox Belfast Treatments

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How Does BOTOX Cosmetic Work?

Dozens of muscles in the face allow you to make a nearly limitless range of expressions and facial movements. Over time, repeated muscle contractions can crease and line the face. More specifically, when you frown, squint, and smile, the muscles underneath the forehead and eyes contract. This causes your skin to furrow and wrinkle.

Made from botulinum toxin type A, BOTOX cosmetic is designed to temporarily stop the muscle contraction that cause wrinkles. By reducing or eliminating the repeated muscle contractions that cause crow’s feet and frown lines, the popular injectable treatment can produce smoother looking skin. Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Tanya has a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the face. Tanya knows precisely where to inject the solution to achieve natural-looking, optimal results.

BOTOX Cosmetic Risks and Side Effects

In the hands of a trained professional, the risk of serious complications from BOTOX® Cosmetic is negligible. However, patients may experience:

Slight discomfort




Your treatment is administered by Tanya, our highly experienced aesthetic nurse. Tanya has been a specialist of 12 years, so the risk of these side effects are typically minimal. Prior to your treatment, Tanya will thoroughly answer any questions or concerns to ensure your comfort.

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