Renewal Enriched Body Lotion (230ml)

Renewal Enriched Body Lotion is an advanced body treatment that helps reverse, correct, and prevent the visible signs of ageing. It is formulated to help protect against dryness and chronic inflammation on the more vulnerable areas of the body.

Key Benefits
  • Repairs, rebuilds and strengthens skin barrier while reducing/preventing activation and release of damaging chronic inflammatory factors.
  • Specifically treats body sites that have less oil glands and sebum production than the face, such as extremities and the décolletage area.
  • Hydrates, firms and smoothes skin.
Key Ingredients
  • Date/Apple Fruit Extracts
  • Meadowfoam/Flax Extract
  • Rose Hip/Safflower/Avocado Complex
  • Essential Fatty Acid, Sterol and Ceramide Precursors

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